Etxetar, leading company supplying high production machining systems, has participated with FORD in the deployment of ZDMP applications. This use case has been developed on the Block machining line at FORD Valencia Engine Plant. The line manufactures more than 3000 blocks per day at full capacity and it is producing...


Due to the wear of machine components, performances degrade over time. Fidia aims to monitor this degradation and prevent it, to avoid any changes in the performances of the machines.Early diagnosis and prevention of machine component failures are key points and can become a significant advantage to improve quality and...


Any manufacturer working in a highly competitive and environmentally friendly world must pursue process optimization to ensure that no resources are wasted in their production processes.To achieve this purpose, it is increasingly necessary to rely on information exchange platforms such as ZDMP where artificial intelligence algorithms are constantly monitoring the...


The main goal of the HSD pilot is to experiment and validate the remote monitoring of a device connected to ZDMP.


The goal of this use case is to build a set of Smart Applications for reducing operational costs of the supervisor team in a construction project.

Mondragon assembly

A set of Smart Applications for the advanced management of maintenance and spare-parts in the automation production equipment sector.