Excel Connector

The Excel Connector provides the user with the possibility to manipulate data from Excel and JSON files. Companies easily manipulate their data on Excel for quick analyse, sharing and common exploitation outside their information systems. In addition, as JSON format is widely used in software development, the proposed API converts Excel files in JSON and mutually converts JSON in Excel Files. Moreover, the proposed API allows to change the file structure by creating new sheets and adding or updating data inside. The user will modify their data directly without using the Excel interface. Thus, the proposed Excel API implements some of the most useful functions as proposed in the Microsoft Excel API 1.1. Following the example of transformation steps used from JSON to Excel:

  • First, define JSON as an object and make a GET request to JSON API.
  • JSON data received in the response is parsed by passing it into ParseJson method.
  • Parsed data is then converted into a collection of dictionaries.
  • Loop through the collection to get each user’s details and set its values to the first sheet.
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Read Excel File

Allows reading all sheets of an Excel file.

Conversion to JSON

Solution to convert an Excel file into JSON format allowing easier manipulation and transmission.

Conversion from JSON to Excel

Functionality to convert a JSON file to an Excel file (.xls).

Add Worksheet

Provides a way to add worksheets to the workbook and choose its name.

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