OData Connector

The OData connector is specifically developed to work with RESTful services. OData is a protocol for the creation and consumption of RESTful APIs. OData is based on Atom and AtomPub and follows the URI conventions as specified on OData version 4.0.

OData v4 is standardised by OASIS, including Protocol Specification, URL Conversions, Common Schema Definition Language, JSON Format Specification, ABNF, Standardised Vocabularies, and Aggregation Extension. OData v4 can also be ordered from ISO/IEC as ISO/IEC 20802-1:2016 (OData 4.0 Protocol) and ISO/IEC 20802-2:2016 (OData 4.0 JSON Format). This OData connector provides the best way to use REST service in a web application. This connector addresses several functionalities as:

  • Build OData Rest Request and send it.
  • Addressing entries and link between entries.
  • Get global entities.
  • Get Specific entities.
  • Retrieve individual properties.
  • Retrieve metadata.
  • Handle error conditions.

The proposed OData protocol consists on building URL request and strictly following the OASIS URL convention of the 01-2018 for entities. The responses are formatted as JSON. An example of technologies picked for the development of this API connector are: Yeoman, Loopback, axios npm package.

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Get Global Entity

Possibility to get all entities from a group.

Get Precise Entity

Gets a special entity by specifying an argument.

Change Entity

Passes entities from a group of entities to another.

Easy Dockerised Deployment

As a Docker package, the OData connector is very easy to deploy in only two command lines.

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Learn more about i4FS by visting the project website for general information, the wiki for information about the core components, the Technical Manual for API documentation, and downloading the repository’s source code.


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