ODBC Connector

The ODBC connector uses the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface and provides standards configurations for database connection. Any ODBC-compliant application can access any DBMS.

The proposed API implements the standard ODBC functions (78) and additional specific ones. This way, it ensures the conformance to ISO 92, ODBC and the Open Group designations. Therefore, it contains all Minimum and Core SQL grammar and an extended set of statements and datatypes that support common DBMS extensions (to SQL) to ensure the proper ODBC driver SQL conformance level. Hence, the ODBC connector offers access for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and DB2 DBMS. It proposes several options as:

  • Establishing connections
  • Connection options (charset, connectTimeout, dateStrings, …)
  • SSL options

API Connector expose the capabilities of the underlying DBMSs and are not required to implement capabilities not supported by the DBMS. Examples of technologies picked for the development of this API connector are: Yeoman, Loopback, Node.js mysql npm package, Node.js npm package.

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Connection Configuration

This connector provides different configurations for different types of databases.

Open Connection

This connector provides a way to connect to a database with the selected configuration.

Request to Database

This connector permits to send SQL requests to ODBC databases.

Get Tables from Database

The connector provides a service to show the schema of the ODBC database by displaying all tables.

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