STEP Connector

The STEP File Connector is developed to import data from STEP files describing 3D models and allowing the use of this format in i4 Apps for collaborative engineering. The STEP Connector provides the means to extract information about the different features from the STEP file (parts of the 3D model). This connector provides the possibility to:

  • Load and read a Step file.
  • Check its conformity against the standard label (ISO 10303)

This connector checks the conformity of the STEP file before using it since every STEP file must be compliant with the ISO 10303 standard, specifically the AP-238, which is the official ISO STEP number for the STEP-NC standard. Within 10303: AP-238 the information required to control a machine is linked to the information created by CAD and CAM systems to create a truly independent and fully documented CNC control file. The STEP connector implements some of the STEP-NC functionalities to get information about data assembly, conventional machining and conventional measurements.

An example of technologies picked for the development of this API connector are: Yeoman, Loopback, and node-step npm package.

Read STEP File

Reads a STEP file and returns the body document as a String.

Read STEP File Part

Reads only one part of the STEP file via the tags present in the STEP file.

Check STEP File

Checks the STEP file validity against a set of criteria.

Easy Dockerised Deployment

As a Docker package, the STEP Connector is very easy to deploy in only two command lines.

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