Enablers Framework

The Enablers Framework (EF) acts as a bridge between service provider and service consumer, providing support for enablers’ integration, installation and management of their instances. The EF acts as an aggregator and a common proxy for all enablers that use NGSIv1, NGSIv2, and REST interfaces. To ensure a unique interface and common access for all registered enablers, it acts as a wrapper engine for the different enablers and the i4 Apps. This module represents an advantage for the existing enablers due to the fact that it facilitates the enablers’ usage through unique and easy REST API.

It is composed of the following major sub-components:

  • Enablers-registry: this module provides the necessary functionalities for collecting and persisting configurations and registration details of the framework and integrated enablers. This module also contains the Docker management that allows the admin user to install new enabler’s instances.
  • Request-handler: provides a simple interface for i4 Apps to use enablers, known as “Access functionality”. It also includes monitoring services that logs performance and Quality of Service (QoS) metrics for both enablers and the framework itself.
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Register Enabler

A GUI that allows the developer to register enablers. These enablers can have multiple versions and instances.

Access Enabler Service

Service that provides a REST interface to execute one service of a specific enabler.


Performance and QoS measured for enablers and the Enablers Framework.

Security rate limits

To prevent abuse, all the enablers’ access is limited by a maximum number of operations per time.

Additional ressources

Learn more about i4FS by visting the project website for general information, the wiki for information about the core components, the Technical Manual for API documentation, and downloading the repository’s source code.


Get a better understanding of the global architecture and information flow.

Source code

Our source code is opensource and available on our Gitlab repository.

API endpoints

Let your infrastructure communicate with the i4 Platform.