Inter-platform Interoperability

The Inter-platform Interoperability component serves to connect the ZDMP platform with external platforms, enabling the linking of data sources and ensuring secure access procedures. It specifically integrates with platforms such as EFPF, ADAMOS, and SDAIM, and has explored potential linkages with Bosch IoT, Cumulocity, and Servitly. The component manages data, marketplace, and security aspects, aligning with the design of the EFPF project and creating plugins for each integrated platform to amplify its functionality.


  • Interconnectivity and interoperability of multiple ZDMP instances

  • Interconnectivity and interoperability with external platforms and projects.

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Administration and Configuration Web UI

Provides a user-friendly web interface for administrators to manage and configure platform interlinks. This UI streamlines the process of connecting and integrating different platforms.

Interconnection of Multiple i4 Instances

This component enables the seamless interconnection and interoperability of multiple i4 instances that are running on different machines. It ensures smooth communication and collaboration between these instances, enhancing the overall functionality of the platform.

Integration with Bosch IoT Platform

Facilitates integration with the Bosch IoT platform. It allows access to Bosch IoT APIs from within the i4 platform and enables the exchange of messages between Bosch IoT and i4. This integration enhances the capabilities and connectivity of both platforms.

Integration with UOS-ITI's SDAIM, ADAMOS Platforms and EFPF Platform

The component establishes interconnection with UOS-ITI’s Real-time Analytics platform SDAIM and the ADAMOS platform. It enables the exchange of events, alerts, device data, operations, historical device data, and end user information. This integration enhances data sharing and collaboration between these platforms.

Additional resources

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Source code

Our source code is opensource and available on our Gitlab repository.

Software Documentation

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