The Marketplace is a central repository for manufacturing sector applications (zApps), allowing users to search, purchase, and license applications. It provides a collaborative system for users to make requests, rate, and review zApps. Developers can access licenses for testing their own products. The backend offers content management, metadata organization, license management, and affiliate marketing.

Benefits of the Marketplace include:

1. User-friendly interface and payment system for easy exploration, purchasing, and licensing of zApps.
2. Ability to rate, review, and request new zApps, promoting user engagement and solution development.
3. Visibility of purchased licenses and tracking of application usage for users.
4. Efficient payment procedure with a shopping cart system, collecting user data and notifying the License Manager upon successful license acquisition.
5. License Manager facilitates the creation, update, and management of zApps and licenses, including pricing.
6. Support for license subscriptions as single one-time purchases, with notifications for updates.
7. Ability to create affiliate links and track sales on a per product and per user basis.

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Marketplace User Interface and Payment System

  • Shopping cart

  • Rating and Review of i4 Apps

  • Choose / Explore Categories

  • Marketplace Search

  • Requests: Payment System 

  • Purchased i4 Apps

Product License Manager UI

  • UI for users to manage product (CRUD), translate and review them

  • UI for additional data useful for products such as: Supported platforms, license types, version purposes, tags etc

Product License Manager API

  • Integration with the Secure Installation to add a security layer over model training process

  • Manage the license management, send emails for to users regarding their license status, verify the license purchase etc

Affiliates Manager

The feature generates referral links to track license sales. The user interface displays sales per referral link, indicating which products were successful and where the sales originated. This helps in compensating bloggers and social media marketers who drive paying users to the platform. Inspired by Amazon’s success, this concept boosts external interaction, word-of-mouth marketing, and overall business success.

Additional resources

Learn more about i4FS by visting the project website for general information, the wiki for information about the core components, the Technical Manual for API documentation, and downloading the repository’s source code.

Training Academy

Get a better understanding of the global architecture and information flow.

Source code

Our source code is opensource and available on our Gitlab repository.

Software Documentation

Read our easy to follow documentation to learn how to use the i4 Components.