Secure Authentication and Authorisation

This module provides Authentication and Authorisation for i4 assets (eg users, components, zApps, etc). In case of a successful authentication, an associated access token is issued to the corresponding i4 asset, which would later be used for authorization. This module provides: Identity Service (for authentication), Authorisation service (for authorization), and basic intrusion detection service (for detecting unauthorized requests to protected resources)


  • Manage users, roles, groups mapping centrally and manage access to protected resources easily

  • Provide context-based authentication so that additional authentication factors are only asked if the context of the user has changed

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Authentication Analysis

This section focuses on the analysis of authentication requests to determine their legitimacy. The authentication requests are evaluated, and a decision is made. If the authentication is valid, an access token is granted, which is used in the subsequent authorization process.

Asset Info and Credentials Management

In this section, the information related to i4 assets (such as users and clients) and their associated authentication credentials are stored. This ensures the secure management of asset information and credentials within the system.

Token Management

This section involves the storage of issued access tokens associated with different authenticated i4 assets. The management of these tokens ensures the proper handling and validation of access rights for the authenticated assets.

Authentication Logging

The authentication logging section registers every authentication attempt, regardless of its success or failure. The logged events include successful i4 asset logins, failed i4 asset logins, i4 asset account changes, and password changes. This logging provides an audit trail of authentication activities for analysis and monitoring purposes.

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