Secure Communication

The Secure Communication component installs, issues, and revokes digital certificates, which are strictly necessary to securely exchange information between ZDMP assets and external resources. From the Security Command Centre UI, the administrator can revoke, renew, and install certificates.

This component includes a Certification Authority (CA) and a Registration Authority (RA). These are the core of this component and is responsible for issuing/revoking certificates and matching identities with certificates, respectively.


  • Solve the security aspects that require encryption, data integrity, privacy, and mutual trust

  • Address the Transport & Application layer security enabling a simplified management of certificates

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Retrieve certificates

Recover details (status) of a given certificate

Certificate issuer

Enables Authentication & Authorization to request new certificates for new users managed by the Security Command Centre

Manage certificates life cycle

To manage revoked certificates, to renew them, or add them to a CRL list

Inspect details on issued certificates

To request a list of installed certificates and CAs with detailed information

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