Secure Installation

The Secure Installation component provides the means to securely install applications on the i4 platform. This component acts on behalf of the user when they request an installation of a zApp through the i4FS Marketplace (the trustworthy Marketplace developed for hosting zApps). It allows a secure downloading process from the Marketplace, and the policies the zApp is requesting (eg access to databases). A given zApp is not directly installed in the i4 platform unless it passes the review of the IT administrator. By leveraging the Security Command Centre UI, the IT Administrator can then accept or reject the policies a given zApp is requesting. Once approved, the IT administrator can then install the zApp (deploying it into the Application Runtime). Additionally, through the Security Command Centre UI the IT administrator can install a Certificate Authority (CA), as well as issue a client certificate for any of the installed CAs.


  • Configure and revise zApp permissions before they are installed to the i4 platform, so that they only have access to those components that are essential, enabling the least privilege policy and avoiding unwanted access

  • Deploy zApps to the i4 platform semi-automatically, to save time and effort

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Security Policies Creation

The Security Command Centre allows for the creation and review of security policies in a graphical user interface. This ensures that access permissions for newly approved zApps are properly established.

User Policies Creation

Security administrators can register and edit roles for users and zApps, defining access permissions to i4 resources such as the storage component. This functionality is available in the Security Command Centre GUI.

zApps Installation

Users initiate the installation of a zApp package through the Security Command Centre’s user interface. The Installation Broker Service facilitates the installation process by processing the user’s acceptance of specified policies and deploying the zApp to the application-runtime environment.

zApps Verification

 The Installation Broker Service performs security checks on the downloaded zApp package, including verifying the integrity of the manifest signature. This ensures the authenticity and security of the zApp before installation.

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