With this pilot, APR and Tardy wish to enhance and optimise their collaborative business processes from the customer contact to the delivery of the product. The SMEs network expects to use the IT development environment to implement the targeted system using some solution building blocks experimented in previous EU projects as well as other concepts from Big Data and CPS architectures.

In order to mitigate identified disablers, the i4 Apps highlighted help to face the following challenges:

  • Opportunity analysis: the analysis and the ranking of customer projects regarding the technical network capabilities and financial interests.
  • Industrial inputs validation: the analysis of the comparison between quotation data and industrial data in order to validate their coherence and optimising future similar productions.
  • Collaborative production planner: the generation of collaborative manufacturing sequence and the validation of each realizability.
  • Supply chain event manager: the integration of CPS concepts to identify unexpected manufacturing events, the estimation of their impacts (in terms of quality, time and quantity) and the decision of next operation.
  • Production operation optimiser: the analysis of production forecasts in case of freezing situations: change of raw material, resources, rescheduling, etc.
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Collaboration Analyzer

Collaboration Analyzer aims to evaluate the capacity of the APR and Tardy consortium to industrialise products from common customer projects. This evaluation is in the form of a classification of business opportunities and a STEP file analysis.

Indus Enabler

Indus Enabler is a support tool for industrialisation teams, which consists of two levels. The first level ensures the data flow from the customer comparison to the initial quotation and the second level validates technical data integrated in ERP systems.

Production Planner

Production Planner coordinates the production sequence among two industrial workshops and ensure coherence on the production lines.

Quality Assurance

Quality Insurance follows the ongoing production and analyses all aspects of the production environment such as machines, users and products in order to detect problems that could occur during manufacturing operations.

Production Tracker

Production Tracker has the objective to analyse ongoing productions based on data from sensors at the factory. The collected data is analysed to estimate gaps and their impacts in ongoing and future production.