The main goal of the pilot is to reduce project supervision operational costs by saving time on supervision tasks and reducing time overheads.

Avoiding the delays that can interrupt the flow of tasks planned by the supervisor or reduce the impact of time delays on the project plan can decrease overhead costs:

  • New applications that allow a fast notification of delays and help to reschedule the supervision plan.
  • Alerts are used to inform the supervisor to provide preventive actions in order to avoid or reduce the situations and non-compliance results causing delays such as material verification test rejection.

Acceleration of supervision task by reducing decision-making time and material verification tests can save supervisor time and reduce operational costs:

  • The product validation process can be accelerated by sharing material specification and sending validation requests through the communication layer. Manual data gathering for the acceptance test of the steel bars is also replaced by automatic applications.
  • Sharing project documents and specifications through the new communication layer can help in reduction of decision-making for reschedules. Since after the notification, the necessary documents are already available and accessible, the supervisor can make the decision and change the schedule in a shorter time.
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Document Portal

Document Portal provides tools to edit, store, and access all the relevant documents regarding the construction site lifetime operations. It allows to manage the documents of a construction contract and to provide an easy to use web-based tool for the project partners to access necessary documents.

Steel Validation

SteelValidation provides tools to make the identification of received steel bars at the worksite and validate them. This tool will speed up the reception of steel bars. Using a camera and the processing capabilities of the new technologies this vApp increases the speed and accuracy of validation process.

On Site Manager

On Site Manager allows the Contractor to report delays that might impact the supervisor schedule regarding the construction site. The i4 App informs the Supervisor and helps in rescheduling of the supervision plan. The Supervisor uses the i4 App to define the impact level of delays on his schedule and re-plan accordingly.

Concrete Feedback

Concrete Feedback provides feedback of the results of on-site concrete tests to the Concrete Plant. With the definition of thresholds for key values the i4 App is able to generate warnings for the Concrete Plant to improve the production before the concrete is rejected at the construction site.

Product Validation

Product Validation provides tools to submit, approve, and control the reception of construction products to the worksite and their validation process. The Supervisor must approve all the requests for the acquisition of any product to be installed in the structure being constructed, as well as validate that the product complies with all regulation. This i4 App manages the process of buying products (request, buy, validate) through the exchange of the required official documents between the stakeholders.