Monitoring System for Electrospindle Failure Prevention


The main goal of the HSD pilot is to experiment and validate the remote monitoring of a device connected to ZDMP. The device is the WIFI HSD electrospindle installed on a CNC Machine tool with the goal to record and monitoring data relevant to its status and operation. These data are of great value as they are the foundation to develop predictive and preventive maintenance algorithms devoted to improving performance, reliability and to reduce overall costs of ownership.

The electrospindle is equipped with specific miniaturized sensors that measure various parameter relevant to its performance and proper operation. It is also equipped with a WIFI data transmission system which makes its data transmission independent from the machine on which it is installed.

The described solution shows how a device can be connected to ZDMP and also how ZDMP is flexible and can accept various and heterogeneous devices as data “supplier”.

On the other hand the ZDMP makes available a number of info in different forms through which is possible to create graphic and visualize data in an user friendly manner.


The zApp acts as the back-end, and allows the user to define different analytics and work in conjunction with the models developed with several ZDMP components. The models or algorithms to define the alarms are developed using the Prediction and Optimization Runtime, and them uploaded to the platform through AI Analytics Runtime, which creates the corresponding API functions in the API Gateway, which are the ones then exploited by zParameterAnalytics. All the results are finally published in the Message Bus through MQTT protocol.


The zApp acts as the front-end and presents two main functionalities. The first one is to show in a user-friendly way the results in real time of the alarms analyzed with the zParameterAnalytics, allowing the operator to have a clear and updated view of all the problems that may have arisen in the machines. The second functionality has the aim of helping the operator even further, allowing the visualization of the parameters related with each alarm. This is achieved thanks to the integration of the Digital Twin ZDMP component, which makes a contextualization of all the machines in the plant and registers the historical data of the desired sensors.