i4FS Story

i4FS emerged as a product of two large scale, pan-European research and innovation projects – ZDMP and vf-OS. vf-OS (Virtual Factory Operating System) who’s aim was to develop a toolkit of software components to allow developers to easily build factory-orientated applications. Then to market these through a, so-called, multi-sided marketplace similar to the App-store or Play-store although these should not be seen as the typical mobile orientated Apps. ZDMP (Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform) is an ongoing project, taking aspects of vf-OS and the focusing on the field of zero-defect product and process manufacturing. Several partners from these initiatives saw the opportunity to pool their knowledge and resources at a pan-European level and form i4FS.
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i4FS is based on two significant Research and Development projects co funded by the European Commission’s H2020 initiative – vf-OS and ZDMP. This public support gave i4FS its key values to be an open inclusive ecosystem. It allows us to continue to support our customers both large and small.

What is i4FS?

i4FS core purpose is to provide a marketplace for factory applications. The marketplace provides an environment for software & technology developers to build, market, and sell i4 Apps direct to industry.

For manufacturing industry, i4FS provides a one-stop-shop for Apps which can be customised and fully integrated.

Partners & Shareholders