System Dashboard

As an integral part of the i4 Platform, the System-Dashboard offers system users access to the running i4 Assets. It gives an overview of the Docker containers in which the assets are executed, access to their configuration, and access to their system logs. It provides situational awareness to service providers, developers, and advanced users, and provides configuration and control through a single webportal.

Through the System-Dashboard, end users get a system check, an overview of their system, and a clear picture of what is running. Through several graphs, memory, CPU, and network utilisation is shown for the last few minutes, providing a quick health check of the various assets.

For i4 Asset developers, the System-Dashboard provides testing and debugging facilities. The most important service in that regard is the access to the Docker container logs, through the embedded log viewer of the System-Dashboard. The information tables in the Dashboard provide the useful mapping between i4 Assets and the underlying Docker containers, which developers can use to use the standard Docker tooling also for these assets.

Besides providing information, the System-Dashboard provides access to control features for installing, configuring, starting, stopping, and uninstalling i4 Apps and other assets.

Finally, the System-Dashboard allows users and developers to define notifications, allowing warnings to be sent at predefined abnormal states of the apps and/or assets.

The i4FS System Dashboard provides the following main functionalities:

  • Unified Dashboard Entrypoint: It provides an overview of dashboards of installed components and i4 Apps.
  • Uniform Dashboard UI: It provides a coherent user interface and look-and-feel for each of the dashboards of components and i4 Apps.
  • Component and i4 App Statistics: It provides functionality to store and aggregate status control data about and from components and i4 Apps, as well as ways to visualise the actual and historical data.
  • Notifications: It provides mechanisms for managing automated notifications about the status of i4 Apps.
  • Data Maintenance: It provides some basic maintenance functionality for the System Dashboard itself.

Central logging facility

The System-Dashboard contains a logviewer for the Docker container logs, giving centralized webaccess to those logs. Through this standard logging facility, asset developers can debug their assets, endusers can get an impression of the health of their setup, etc.

One-stop configuration

Besides providing information, the System-Dashboard provides access to configuration screens for the i4 Apps and other assets.

One-stop control

Besides providing information, the System-Dashboard provides access to control features for installing, configuring, starting, stopping and uninstalling i4 Apps and other assets.

Quick overview of the health of the system

Through the system monitoring tabs in the System-Dashboard, a quick health overview of the various assets can be obtained.

Additional ressources

Learn more about i4FS by visting the project website for general information, the wiki for information about the core components, the Technical Manual for API documentation, and downloading the repository’s source code.


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